What I Offer

I have a wide range of interests but they all center around creating and communicating with people. In addition, I shoot with top-of-the-line equipment and few can match my quick turnaround time! Keep reading to see how what I offer is different from what anyone else does.


Techniques & Post Processing

Because of my background in fine art and graphics, I am proficient in many programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator, that aide me in producing quality images. Results matter especially when you are selling homes or putting your product to market. I have over 10+ years of experience with post-image processing that I use to polish all of my clients photos. You never have to worry about distracting elements because I am always concerned with making the subject of whatever I am shooting the STAR of the image.

Headshots are treated with the attention to detail that every professional needs. I have a natural approach to skin and body retouching and only make small changes that keep you looking like yourself- just on your best day. I always make sure your clothes are lint and stray hair free and your hair neatly polished.

For my real estate work I use a technique called Flambient lighting, which composites multiple images taken under ambient or flash lighting. I solve problems that normal cameras or phones just aren’t cut out for, like blown out windows or dark corners.


Storytelling & Branding

I am always looking to create a story behind every image. I analyze your current branding and either match or take your image one step further. I also can offer brand consulting to better target your ideal audience.


Graphics Available

Let me take care of all your graphic needs by adding on a poster, amazon infographic, or brochure to your product packages.


Connecting With Others

I am easy to talk to, flexible, reliable, and resourceful. Most of the people I work with come away feeling like we have known eachother forever.

I am a problem solver through and through and will come up with creative solutions to execute your vision. You can trust that I will put all my efforts into making you successful and I’m available to you at any time of the day to hear your questions or concerns. Let’s make some great work together! Reach out by sending me an email and we can begin steps towards your next campaign, house showing, or photo session!