Clients & Testimonials

I am so fortunate to collaborate with brands from all over the globe and work closely with local clients. Scroll through to read testimonials and get a look at campaigns I have worked on.



My work has been published in Hemispheres, the in-flight magazine of United Airlines. Nearly 78,000 people a day trust United to get them to their destination…that’s over 2 million people a month that my work has reached with this one ad alone! My work has also been printed on bus ads and various other locations dotted around the world.



Yovana Mendoza

I loved working with Yovana! I had the great liberty of working with her on lifestyle photos for her Instagram page. She is able to reach over 2 million followers on her Youtube and 1 million on instagram, where she shares her healthy recipes and mindset. Check out her website here!

Rawvana is more than just a name; it’s a journey of transformation and love that promotes improving our quality of life through a healthy lifestyle and a conscious diet.
— Yovana Mendoza

Green Acres Manufacturing

Green Acres Manufacturing was struggling with branding and after hiring me I helped them increase their sales significantly and create a professional identity. They took advantage of my product packages with graphic add-on options. Learn more about their products here


“We needed a whole new branding and product design and I reached out to April Rotelli and she made our vision into a reality. She’s a real professional with an artistic talent that is rarely found.”

- Gregory, Green Acres Manufacturing Member

Their double sided brochure before and after hiring my services

Their double sided brochure before and after hiring my services


Beth Cummins Properties

Beth Cummins is a realtor in Palm Desert, California who sells millions dollar homes. In 2019 I worked closely with her on a numerous of listing. Check out when her latest showing are by visiting her website here!


DYLN Inspired

This Newport Beach, California brand offers premium hydration on-the-go with their alkaline water bottles. If you would like to see more of the campaign I shot for their gen2 water bottle, you can do that here on their website!


Vaya Life

I have a continuous partnership with this India based brand that offers hot and cold meal containers and waterbottles. They say, “Tastes come and go, but VAYA products are built to last.” Get more info here on their site!